Graphic: Chelsea Stone

Here at SG HQ, we tried to fight it. We tried to resist the hype. But like coconut oil, charcoal, and even retinol before it, we can’t resist the pull of the wellness industry’s latest darling: CBD. Puff puff pass...the perfectly packaged skincare, man.

CBD, short for cannabidiol, is currently trendier than Meghan Markle’s unborn royal baby. Creams, oils, serums, and lotions are all laced with the green stuff. (It’s actually clear, but just go with it.) Why? Well, because we’re suckers for buzzy ingredient lists, obviously, but also because the non-psychoactive extract of the marijuana plant promises relief from superficial pain and inflammation. Usually included in products as naturally anti-inflammatory hemp seed oil, brands are boasting CBD can help improve skin conditions like acne, redness and dry skin.

So, is CBD-infused skincare our new hero?

Industry expert and TODAY show regular Bobbie Thomas notes that while the early science backing up CBD’s healing properties is promising, more research is needed. “For anyone who suffers from those specific conditions, I think CBD can be really effective, but others might not notice a huge difference in their skin.”


From bougie-meets-indie brands like Josie Maran Skin Dope and Hora to established OG brands with serious CBD pedigree like Lord Jones and Kush Queen, we are truly in the golden age of weed-adjacent personal care. CBD is here to take all our money and cure all that ails us, whether we like it or not.

High Beauty High Five Cannabis Facial Moisturizer | $40 | Sephora
Graphic: Chelsea Stone

High Beauty High Five Cannabis Seed Facial Moisturizer, $40

Given out in this year’s Academy Award nominee swag bags, you can slather on High Beauty’s concentrated face lotion formulated with cannabis sativa seed oil knowing you’re in good company with the producers of Green Book! ...OK, that’s probably not how the brand, one of the first CBD-focused skincare companies to have their products sold in-store at Sephora, would want to frame it, but hey, you can’t fight history.

Soaked 150mg CBD Shower Gel | $40 | Kush Queen
Graphic: Chelsea Stone

Kush Queen Soaked 150 mg CBD Shower Gel, $40

Kush Queen, along with Lord Jones, is one of the OG cannabis brands. Their Soaked shower gel has a bright and pleasant citrus scent, which, along with the relaxing, soothing effect on your skin and muscles, creates a full-body sensory experience. Cue up the Pink Floyd on your waterproof speaker—this is as trippy as a completely sober shower gets.

Hora Super Serum + CBD | $54 | Urban Outfitters
Graphic: Chelsea Stone

Hora Super Serum + CBD, $54

Come for the millennial, minimalist packaging, stay for the really good ingredients. Along with 250mg of CBD, this serum contains hyaluronic acid, vitamin C, argan oil, and marine collagen—all of which are scientifically proven to benefit your skin. Plus, Hora’s website notes that CBD is a more powerful antioxidant than some of our favorite skincare hero ingredients. This serum can be used as part of your routine for anti-aging, acne-fighting and hydrating benefits.

Skin Dope Argan Oil + 100 mg CBD Face Oil | $78 | Josie Maran
Graphic: Chelsea Stone

Josie Maran Skin Dope Argan Oil + 100 mg CBD Face Oil, $78

The only ingredients in this luxe, simple face oil are 100% argan oil and 100 mg of CBD oil. That’s it! This minimal, completely plant-based formula contains “full-spectrum” CBD, which is taken from all parts of the plant—the stock, flowers and leaves. Argan oil contains fatty acids that help with hydration, and the CBD is meant to calm and soothe skin that’s up to no good—i.e. flaky and dry, sensitive, or acne-prone. This minimal combo makes for an all-around great skincare product for all skin types.

Lord Jones High CBD Formula Body Lotion | $60 | Sephora
Graphic: Chelsea Stone

Lord Jones High CBD Formula Body Lotion, $60

This impossibly chic body lotion looks as good on your nightstand as it promises to make you feel. With a gluten-free, vegan formula that combines shea butter and organic “extra-strength” hemp oil, try it for relief from muscle pain and stiffness.

CBD Body Cream | $50-$70 | Extract Lab
Graphic: Chelsea Stone

Extract Lab CBD Body Cream, $50-$70

Want your CBD with a little bit of a feel-good factor (beyond the, y’know, CBD part)? Extract Labs is a Boulder, Colorado-based company founded in 2016 by a combat veteran with a master’s degree in engineering. Their tiny tin of body cream packs 1000mg of CBD into an aromatically potent mix of rosemary, lavender, and shea butter, jojoba and beeswax.

Melt CBD Pain Relief Lotion | $40 | Kush Queen
Graphic: Chelsea Stone

Kush Queen Melt CBD Pain Relief Lotion, $40

Melt has bit of a cult following among the CBD-obsessed, which is why Kush is getting name-checked twice here. This lotion is infused with menthol, so when it’s rubbed into sore muscles, you feel an immediate, super-tingly cooling sensation, followed by a major tension release. Think of it as a very expensive, fancy version of Icy Hot that you’ll proudly display on your vanity. And while this isn’t technically part of the directions, we suggest getting someone else to massage it on for you.