GMG's Summer Sale Highlights Discounts on PC Versions of Death Stranding, Red Dead Redemption II, and More

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GMG Summer Sale | Green Man Gaming
GMG Summer Sale | Green Man Gaming
Image: Kojima Productions

GMG Summer Sale | Green Man Gaming

If you still haven’t played Death Stranding, then you’re in luck, as it just came out for PC two days ago and it’s already marked down 20% as part of Green Man Gaming’s newly launched Summer Sale. Join Norman Fetus in 2019's best strand game about the gig economy. From what I’ve heard, it’s the perfect game to play at this moment in time, and for good reason: it’s about a courier who also has to dispose of corpses found lying around because America has fallen apart. It serves as sharp, if hamfisted political commentary AND comic relief.

In her review for Kotaku, Heather Alexandra said it best:

It is a story about fatherhood. It is a broad dig at the gig economy. It is deeply concerned with upcoming environmental disaster and American politics, old and new.

Death Stranding is also about throwing grenades made from your own piss and shit at ghosts. It is about hiking alone in the wilderness for hours. It is a tireless grind.

Apart from Death Stranding, other newer, albeit less recent releases like Red Dead Redemption II, Shadow of the Tomb Raider Definitive Edition, and Borderlands 3 are also on sale. Sort through the whole selection over on Green Man Gaming’s Summer Sale lander and report back with any remarkable findings.