Gift a Fledging Paleontologist a Dino Egg Kit Instead of Hunting for Them in the Yard

Every kid goes through a dinosaur phase and this kit can help tame that.

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Dino Egg Dig Kit | $23 | Amazon
Dino Egg Dig Kit | $23 | Amazon
Graphic: Sheilah Villari

Dino Egg Dig Kit | $23 | Amazon

This is the perfect time to grab the Dino Egg Dig Kit, summer is meant for exploration. Looking for dinos is way cool. Every kid goes through a dinosaur phase. If you’ve got a little paleontologist trapped at home digitally learning what a great kit to foster that curiosity.

This kit has twelve eggs with a dinosaur figure nestled inside each. Once you excavate your dig and unearth the prehistoric creature, find the corresponding card to earn about that dino’s history and characteristics. Encourage a young scientist and maybe learn a few new facts yourself. Teaching kids that history and science is just as cool and as important as other subjects is key. STEM projects are also a great way to get the whole family together and spark some nerdy love for a future scientist.

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