Get Yourself a Ton of Discounted Aukey Gear (Including iPhone Fast Chargers!) With This One-Day Sale

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AUKEY USB Chargers, Speakers and Accessories Gold Box | Amazon

In one of the more timely Gold Boxes we’ve ever seen, Amazon’s discounting a ton of AUKEY USB chargers, speakers and accessories. The biggest deal here is the USB-C wall charger with 60W power delivery for just $28. This miniscule charger is powerful enough to charge a MacBook Pro, a Nintendo Switch, and, of course, the latest iPhones.

Another good bet is this tiny 18W charger, which is fast enough to charge one of the new iPhones (or any from the past couple of years) at the fastest possible speed with a USB-C to Lightning cable.

But if you’re looking for a mechanical keyboard, there are a couple in here, too. Alongside a couple of speakers and a pair of wireless earbuds.

While I’ve included a few options below, there are over a dozen items that are a part of this sale. So make sure to visit the main page to see all of the deals before these prices disappear.