Get Your Little Ones on the Right Track With This 30-Day Free Trial of the Homer Learn & Grow Program

Learning and growing is the best way to raise a well-rounded human.

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30-Day Trial | Free | Homer
30-Day Trial | Free | Homer
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Homer 30-Day Trial | Free | Homer

It’s easy for your kids to get sucked into the technology and expect it to solve and answer problems for them. Now you can make playing on the tablet or computer fun, and keep their minds growing. The Homer Learn & Grow program is an award-winning, research-supported program that adapts to your kid’s reading level and interests. The kiddos actively engage with learning by tapping answers, recording their own voices, and choosing what they’d like to explore. The program creates a personal learning path that helps guide kids toward literacy. The songs and nursery rhymes include numbers as well to help out with other early learning goals. The stories section includes things like poetry and folk tales. It’s time to put baby shark in the trash and give your kids a variety of reputable, fun learning opportunities. Sign up today for 30-days free.