Get the Most Out of a USB-C Port With a Pair of Great Deals

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One day, USB-C will live up to its promise, and be truly ubiquitous. But until then, you’re going to need some adapters.

Two such options from VAVA are on sale today. The one most of you will want to buy is this simple dongle, which transforms a USB-C port into a few USB 3.0 ports, an ethernet port, an HDMI port, and SD and microSD card readers. Get it for $40 with promo code KINJA538.

For a more permanent solution, this USB-C docking station is also on sale for $126 with promo code KINJA479 and includes everything but the kitchen sink. You plug your laptop in over USB-C, and the dock keeps it charged while powering two HDMI ports for monitors, a bunch of USB ports, a Qi pad for your phone, and more.