Get That Summer Yardwork Done With the Help of This $34 Garden Kneeler and Bench

This nifty multi-functional garden tool is 43% off right now

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Eternal Adjustable Gardening Kneeler and Bench | $34 | MorningSave
Eternal Adjustable Gardening Kneeler and Bench | $34 | MorningSave
Graphic: Elizabeth Lanier

Eternal Adjustable Gardening Kneeler and Bench | $34 | MorningSave

You know you’ve been wanting to plant your own herb garden. Or maybe it was a bit more ambitious and you had planned to grow your own veggies. How long have you been meaning to spruce up your yard with some colorful flowers?

Whatever you want to plant outdoors, do it more comfortably with 43% off of a foldable garden kneeler seat today! This multifunctional little cutie can be yours for just $34 over at MorningSave right now.

This little handy green bench can be used to sit or converted to a kneeler instead so that you can get your yard work done in comfort. And when you’re done? Fold it up for easy storage.

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