Get Some Cardio In While You Game With the DeskCycle 2 for $40 Off

Get a workout in at your desk with the DeskCycle 2 for just $150.

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DeskCycle 2 | $150 | Amazon
DeskCycle 2 | $150 | Amazon
Graphic: Joe Tilleli

DeskCycle 2 | $150 | Amazon | Clip Coupon

Ever feel guilty about spending all day in front of a monitor? Is the step counter on your smartwatch buzzing your every day with the message, “Don’t worry! There’s always tomorrow!” Make better use of that time spent at your desk. The DeskCycle 2 is the ultimate tool for multitaskers and it’s currently the #2 product in physical therapy leg exercises. You can get a bit of a workout in while you grind weekly challenges in Halo Infinite. Get some beefy new armor pieces and beefy new calves at the same time. Plus you can save $40 right now. That’s roughly the cost of five battle passes.

This deal was originally posted by Joe Tilleli on 12/07/2021 and updated with new information by Keith Stawarz on 03/19/2022.