Garmin's New Venu3 Smartwatches Are Perfect for Fall Fitness

Head to Best Buy and check out these amazing health- and workout-tracking wearables.

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Wake up! The new Garmin Venu3 and Venu3S have just dropped.
Wake up! The new Garmin Venu3 and Venu3S have just dropped.
Graphic: Riley Blackwell

Trying to get in better shape? Or maybe you just need a little push to meet the fitness goals you set for yourself. Whatever the case may be, everyone needs a coach to cheer them on, and with the new Garmin Venu3 and Venu3S, the coach lives on your wrist. Get to know all the mysterious parts of you with Garmin this Fall with personalized sleep coaching, women’s health tracking, and stress tracking to keep everything in check. Two new versions to the Venu line mean a smaller 3S version with a smaller screen, 10-day battery life, and more than 30 sports apps on each model.

Garmin Venu3 | $449 | Best Buy

Garmin Venu3S | $449 | Best Buy

Health tracking is getting so robust and simple that anyone can take advantage of the data for a happier, healthier life. The Garmin Venu3 even has wheelchair-tracking solutions to track pushes rather than steps, which is such a fantastic upgrade to wearables. Personally, I’m looking forward to the nap tracking and logging.