Get a Water Bottle for $6 Off and Remember to Drink Water Throughout the Day, Please I'm Begging You

Save $6 on a FineDine triple-insulated stainless steel water bottle.

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FineDine Triple-Insulated Stainless Steel Water Bottle | $24 | Amazon

Did you remember to drink water today? Or yesterday? Or all week? I sure haven’t. I’ve been getting back into running this month and continue failing at hydrating myself. It comes down to 5 minutes before I’m out the door, thinking to myself, “hmm I guess I should drink some water.” Then I just chug a full glass, run out, then complain that I’m dehydrated and now I’m getting cramps. What I really need is to just keep a good water bottle at my desk and force myself to drink throughout the day. This one from FineDine is triple-insulated and has a straw lid. Designed certainly for hiking and spending time in nature, but should also do fine beside my mouse and keyboard. It’s $6 off too.