Stay Chill With a $200 Refurbished Dyson Pure Cool Link Fan and Purifier

You can stay cool all of August and beyond with this sleek Dyson fan and purifier combo

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Dyson Pure Cool Link (Refurbished) + $10 Gift Card | $200 | Newegg
Dyson Pure Cool Link (Refurbished) + $10 Gift Card | $200 | Newegg
Image: Andrew Hayward

Dyson Pure Cool Link (Refurbished) | $200 | Newegg

July was too damn hot to deal with and August is looking to have some scorcher days too. On top of that, allergens and pollutants are still in the air. Deal with all of them in style with the Dyson Pure Cool Link, a hybrid fan and air purifier that pulls in dirty air and blasts cooling relief all around your space with its innovative blade-less design. It even links up to your smartphone for controls and reports.

Purifying the air can also help remove unpleasant odors caused by smoke or other air pollutants. So in addition to helping you breathe a little easier, air purifiers can make your space a little more pleasant.

Dyson products aren’t cheap, but if you’re willing to go with a certified refurbished model sold by Dyson through Newegg, you can snag a serious bargain. Right now, the refurbed Pure Cool Link is $100 off. Grab it while the deal is going on, Sunday and Monday only.