Get a Much More Comfortable Handheld Experience With the Hori Split Pad Pro for Nintendo Switch, Just $43

Save $7 on the Hori Split Pad Pro controller for Nintendo Switch.

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Hori Split Pad Pro (Black) | $43 | Amazon
Hori Split Pad Pro (Blue) | $43 | Amazon

The Joy-Cons are unquestionably a brilliant piece of innovation from Nintendo and yet they leave much to be desired. Playing in handheld mode, it can be very easy for your hand to start cramping up trying to grip the controllers. My right thumb is not designed to bend that way! If you find similar frustrations when playing, know that Hori has an easy fix with the Split Pad Pro. Not only is it much larger and ergonomic than the Joy-Cons, but it also comes with a proper D-Pad, back buttons, and a Turbo mode. Your hands deserve a properly sized controller for your Nintendo Switch. The standard black option has been reduced to $43. A small price to pay to save your hands from being mildly uncomfortable.


This story was originally published by Joe Tilleli on 02/10/2022 and updated with new information on 08/09/2022.