Get a Minimalist Wallet for Only $8 Since You Never Really Use Cash Anyway

You also don't need to hold onto every receipt in your life. Get rid of them.

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ESTALON Minimalist Wallet (Brown) | $8 | Amazon
ESTALON Minimalist Wallet (Black) | $8 | Amazon
ESTALON Minimalist Wallet (Blue) | $8 | Amazon

I made the switch to a minimalist wallet a few years ago and I can tell you it is way better. Honestly the only time I ever use cash is at the barber. Hell, I’m even using a credit card in rarer and rarer situations. Most stores have Apple Pay. The only time I really use a card is at a restaurant and ever since the you-know-what, that’s been a less frequent endeavor. So really my wallet has a become a case to house my driver’s license. Why waste room in my pocket and ruin the way my skinny jeans shape my hourglass figure? This tiny wallet is all we need. This one also comes with RFID blocking tech to keep the information on your cards safe. Get one for only $8.