Get a Lifetime VPN Plan For $40 With Fastest VPN (Down From $600!)

This unbelievable deal gives you access to servers in more than 39 countries.

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With this plan, you can surf the web with ease … forever.
With this plan, you can surf the web with ease … forever.
Graphic: Elise Caplan

If you live online (like us), you know — having a VPN is essential. This is especially true if you watch a lot of content or spend time on public WiFi. But where to get one, and for how much? This deal from Fastest VPN makes that decision easy. They are offering a lifetime plan for just $40, down from $600. That’s it. We haven’t seen a price drop like this in a long time. It’s 93 percent off, with no monthly charge — spend $40 and you’re good, forever.

Fastest VPN Lifetime Plan | $40 down from $600 — 93 percent off| Fastest VPN

And there are major benefits. When you get this plan, you’ll gain access to Fastest VPN’s servers in more than 39 countries and 55 locations. They’ve got a dedicated Netflix USA server and no caps on bandwidth so your experience is truly unrestricted. With other features like ad blocker and multiple protocols — as well as endorsements from trusted sources like Tom’s Guide and PCWorld — you can’t go wrong. Check out Fastest VPN’s Lifetime Plan for just $40 now.