Get a Bunch of Free Madden Ultimate Team Legends With Amazon Prime

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I haven’t played Madden in a few years, but I guess it’s a micro transaction-based card game now? Cool.

Anyway, if you have Twitch Prime (which is free is you have Amazon Prime), you’ll get legends and collectibles for free. Here’s how it works.

Twitch and EA SPORTS are teaming up to give Twitch Prime Members at least an 83 rated Madden Ultimate Team Legend and Collectible every week. That’s 25 Twitch Prime Legends throughout the season. Twitch Prime Legends are retired NFL players like Reggie White that players can add to their Ultimate Team rosters, and Twitch Prime Legend Collectibles can be used to increase the stats of Twitch Prime Legends. We have kicked off with an 85 rated Reggie White and + 5 Collectibles, which means your readers can start their Madden Season with a 90 rated Legend immediately.

In order to unlock Legends and Legend Collectibles in the game, players traditionally need to either earn Packs through gameplay, or purchase them for a chance to unlock new Legends each week. Twitch Prime Members are guaranteed to unlock at least one Legend and at least one Collectible each week, without earning or purchasing Packs. This means that Twitch Prime members can upgrade their team, and level up their best players all season long for free as part of their Twitch Prime membership.