Get a 2TB External Hard Drive for $55 and Store All Your Darkest Secrets On It

Save half off this portable, pocket-sized drive at Best Buy

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2TB WD External Hard Drive | $55 | Best Buy
2TB WD External Hard Drive | $55 | Best Buy
Image: Best Buy

2TB WD External Hard Drive | $55 | Best Buy

How much storage does one human being need? In the past, we’ve seen Best Buy discount 16TB external hard drives that look like the obelisk from 2001: A Space Odyssey. That seems like overkill for most people, but 2TB of storage? Now we’re talking.

Best Buy currently has a 2TB WD Easystore external hard drive on sale for $55, or half off the list price. It’s the perfect size for more casual PC users who want a cheap way to store years worth of files, music, games, you name it! Hell, maybe you have dark secrets you need to squirrel away.

What kinds of secrets? For the love of God, don’t tell me! What were you thinking?! Lock that forbidden knowledge away in this little hard drive and never speak of it to another human again.

This story was originally published by Giovanni Colantonio on 03/02/2021 and updated by Andrew Hayward with new information on 07/13/2021.