Get $10 Off These Colorful Joy-Cons

An assortment of different neon pairs of Joy-Cons for $69 per set

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Blue & Neon Yellow Joy Con (L)/(R) | $69 | Amazon
Neon Purple & Neon Orange Joy Con (L)/(R) | $69 | Amazon
Neon Red & Neon Blue Joy Con (L)/(R) | $69 | Amazon
Neon Pink & Neon Green Joy Con (L)/(R) | $69 | Amazon

The Nintendo Switch Joy-Cons are both a marvel of engineering and a disastrous result of it. The brilliance is in their adaptability be it as part of the handheld, part of the grip controller, held sideways individually, or swung around with motion. The pain comes from this damn joystick drift which Nintendo has yet to do anything significant about to correct. Though the most remarkable thing to come out of these Joy-Cons are the wide variety of colors they’re offered in. As someone who grew up in the N64 era, I loved that all four of my controllers were different from each other and from my friend’s controllers which were also all different. There’s so much personality in the colors and Nintendo finally brought that back after several generations. You can get yourself these controllers for $10 off at Amazon.

This story was originally published by Joe Tilleli on 08/20/2021 and updated with new information on 09/13/2021.