Fitness Is Just A Few Thousand Jumps Away With This Weighted Skipping Rope For $19

The Redify Weighted Jump Rope is an excellent way to boost your cardio fitness with no running involved.

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Redify Weight Jump Rope | $19 | Amazon
Redify Weight Jump Rope | $19 | Amazon
Image: Jason Coles

Redify Weighted Jump Rope | $19 | Amazon

Skipping is secretly one of the best forms of cardio fitness training going. It doesn’t require much space, you can do it at your own pace, and you’re not likely going to end up on your face. The last one’s not relevant, we just had a rhyming thing going. This Redify Weighted Jump Rope is down to $19 today, and is ideal for those looking to get into skipping. It’s designed to not get tangled, is comfortable to hold and really durable, is easy to adjust, and even comes with two different ropes too.