Feel the Glow: These LED Switch Accessories Will Brighten Your Day for Cheap

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PDP Nintendo Switch Super Mario Odyssey LED Dock | $16 | Amazon
Afterglow Translucent LED Wireless Nintendo Switch Controller | $40 | Amazon
Zelda: Breath of the Wild Nintendo Switch Travel Case | $16 | Amazon

If you’re someone who appreciates a little light in your entertainment setup, don’t let your Nintendo Switch feel left out. There happens to be a couple of neat Switch accessories with a gang of LED lights on discount today, including a Super Mario Odyssey-themed dock by PDP for $16, as well as a wireless translucent Afterglow controller that’s $40 following a $10 cut. On both, you can change the color to whatever puts the pajamas on your bananas.

As a little bonus, this stylish $16 Zelda: Breath of the Wild travel case is made of simulated leather and has enough space for your Switch, Joy-Cons, and a few games and small accessories.