If you’re in college or have a college student in your life, you know that one of the big concerns about dorm life is buying a mini fridge. Depending on the size of your dorm room, your personal tastes, and the amount of food or Natty Ice you need to store, there are a ton of options to choose from.

Cooluli Portable Mini Fridge

The Cooluli Portable Mini Fridge is small enough to fit anywhere in a crowded dorm room and won’t be a hassle to lug up four flights of stairs on move-in day.
Graphic: Ana Luisa Suarez

If you’re only looking for a fridge that fits a few cans of soda (or a leftover slice of pizza), then this Cooluli mini fridge is exactly what you need. It even comes with cords to plug it into the wall, into a car for road trips and tailgates, or even into a USB port (albeit at a lower cooling setting).

Uber Chill Mini Fridge

The Uber Chill Mini Fridge is retro and can be used for storing a few cans of soda or some high-end skincare products.
Photo: Amazon

If you’re going for style and not necessarily space, then you can’t go wrong with this retro-looking Uber Chill Mini Fridge. It can fit six cans of soda or a few small Tupperware containers. Or, if you don’t need a fridge for food and drinks, you can use this as a makeup fridge, which is all the rage right now for those who are really into high-end skincare products. Just note that it can’t operate over USB.

Willz Single Door Refrigerator

The Willz Single Door Refrigerator has plenty of space for all the Gatorade you’ll need after a night out and will even have room for some frozen burritos.
Graphic: Ana Luisa Suarez

If you need a little more space for more than just a six-pack, you don’t need to break the bank for it. If you need to hydrate after your weekend activities, this Willz Single Door Refrigerator can has 2.7 cubic feet of interior space; enough to tide you over until you feel like leaving your dorm room again.

Black + Decker Compact Refrigerator

The Black + Decker Compact Refrigerator is short enough to fit under your desk, and can fit a few snacks and drinks for when you don’t want to leave your dorm to head to the dining hall.
Photo: Amazon

If you need a mini fridge for a couple of drinks and snacks, but really need something that can fit under your desk or elevated bed, the Black + Decker Compact Refrigerator is the perfect fridge. It comes in three colors, and its brushed metal accent adds a little design flair that you wouldn’t expect at this price. It even has a tiny freezer, but only plan to squeeze one to three ice cream sandwiches in there.

hOmeLabs Mini Fridge

The hOmeLabs Mini Fridge is over three feet in height, so it provides plenty of room, but additionally has a small freezer.
Graphic: Ana Luisa Suarez

If you need a spacious mini fridge, but also need it to have a small freezer section, the hOmeLabs Mini Fridge is the way to go. It has three glass (!!) shelves, and a slot on the door meant just for cans. You can even write on the front of it with a dry erase marker if you need a quick reminder before your next grocery haul.

RCA Igloo Door Fridge and Freezer

If you need more room in your dorm room mini fridge, the RCA Igloo Door Fridge and Freezer actually has freezer and fridge space to fit more than a can of soda.
Graphic: Ana Luisa Suarez

Now, the issue with 90% of mini fridges is the fact they dont’ have actual freezers. If you only need a freezer for quickly making Jell-O shots, sure that works. If you need more room, then you need to get the RCA Igloo Door Fridge and Freezer. The freezer has enough space to fit between up to 10 frozen meals, in case you hate eating in the dining hall and love to microwave your dinner while you watch Netflix. I mean, while you study.

EdgeStar Dorm-Sized Fridge/Freezer

This EdgeStar Dorm-Sized Fridge/Freezer has plenty of room to store ice cream and other frozen food.
Graphic: Ana Luisa Suarez

Like the RCA above EdgeStar Dorm-Sized Fridge/Freezer has both fridge and freezer space to feed into your soda and pizza bagel addiction. Unlike the RCA though, it boasts an attractive stainless steel door, if you want your dorm room to be Instagram-ready.

Daewoo Retro Compact Refrigerator

The Daewoo Retro Compact Refrigerator features one of the most aesthetically pleasing designs we’ve ever seen for a mini fridge.
Graphic: Ana Luisa Suarez

If you have an aesthetic you’re going for, then the Daewoo Retro Compact Refrigerator is the fridge you want. No matter what theme you want to design your dorm room around, it comes in a color that will complement it. At 4.4 cubic feet, it’s the most spacious fridge on our list, but its freezer section is pretty small.