Everything You Should Know About eBay’s Certified Refurbished Program

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While you may be familiar with some of its competitors, eBay’s Certified Refurbished program is a relatively new one, one that requires manufacturers to put all of their products through the ringer before listing them on the site. Everything you buy as part of this program has been professionally inspected, cleaned, and refurbished to meet eBay’s standards. And if you’re unsatisfied? You have a whole 2 years to send it back for replacement, and up to 30 days to submit for a full refund.

In fact, eBay puts so much faith in the quality of its refurbished product selection that it’s plainly outlined how to return items before it even crosses your mind:

  1. Start your return: In My eBay, find the item under Purchase history, then in More actions, choose Return this item.
  2. Select your reason: Depending on the seller’s return policy, we may put you in touch with them directly.
  3. Ship it back: You’ll be issued a packing slip and shipping label. Pack the item and ship it.

As for the brands you’ll find selling Certified Refurbished products, eBay carefully vets partners to ensure the utmost quality when their products arrive at your door. These include big household names such as Microsoft, KitchenAid, and Milwaukee, as well as smaller brands like Worx, Medify Air, and Arlo. All are authorized to deliver renewed products in ship-shape condition, along with everything you’d find in the box if you’d purchased them fresh off the shelf. In addition to manufacturer-sealed packaging, you’ll receive new accessories and new manuals, no different from what you’d see on the factory floor.

Buying Certified Refurbished from eBay is better for the planet too. Building new products en masse often comes at the price of environmental sustainability. In this case, however, nothing new is being created. You’re taking a product someone once owned that has now been restored to its original condition. Recycling in the purest sense of the word. Not only are you saving yourself up to 50% over the retail price, but you can also rest assured knowing fossil fuel emissions were kept at a minimum as a result of your decision. With climate change a more pressing issue than ever before, it’s the little things that count.

Shop computers and accessories, smart home and surveillance, vacuums, power tools, and much more—from names you already trust across the entire range of categories—in eBay’s new Certified Refurbished aisle today.