Don't Let May-sterbation Pass You by Without Grabbing a Goody From Sweet Vibes in This 30% off Flash Sale

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30% off Select Sweet Vibes Items | Amazon
30% off Select Sweet Vibes Items | Amazon
Image: Sweet Vibes

30% off Select Item From Sweet Vibes | Amazon

For the next 24 hours get 30% off select items in Sweet Vibes’ Amazon store. Celebrate the last few days of Masturbation May with a new toy for Hot Girl Summer. They even have their famous Drop lube on sale for just $10. You have until the end of the day to pick the perfect vibe to groove into sunny days.

Sweet Vibes know what they are doing. These ladies are committed to making the best toys, and they’re really coming through in our time of need. The Charmed Wand is one of my favorites these days; it’s boss in every way. For its size, it’s surprisingly easy to hold and maneuver whichever way you want to let it drift over your parts. The curved tip is such a nice touch and gives it the edge over competing wands on the market. With four vibration options to choose between, this powerhouse can, fortunately, be contained should the highest be too intense. If invigorating performance is you crave, this is the wand for you. It’s a little extra, but hey, some days that’s exactly what you need.

I’m a fan of any vibe that also looks like a Joy-Con. Kissed is definitely one of these. Because it’s designed in this way, it is easy to grip by you or your partner. It is also super cute with its soft little silicone fin that has a lot more power than you’d think. Made for targeted pleasure, you’ll certainly log some hours of playtime with it. It was really impressive given its size; there are five speeds and five vibe patterns. Kissed is waterproof, so the comfy grip will definitely come in handy. Expect about two hours of fun off of a single charge, but it’s easy to re-up with the USB cable. All Sweet Vibes toys come with a forever warranty, adorable packaging, and a clever user manual.

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