Does Your Gaming Mouse Need a Bungee?

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Mouse cable getting in the way? There’s a peripheral for that.

The Roccat Apuri is a 4-port powered desktop USB hub with a flexible arm on top. The arm keeps your wired mouse’s cable completely off your desk and out of the way without impeding movement.

First impression? It works. It looks like a scale replica of a Starcraft unit on your desk, but it’s mostly a matte black affair with some soothing blue lights and 4 convenient USB ports. It’s also worth noting that this is going to be more useful for people who don’t have a braided cable.

You’ll feel as if you’re using a wireless mouse, without the inherent disadvantages such as increased weight, sudden need to change batteries or long charging times. If you don’t want to use the mouse bungee, it can simply be detached from the hub.


The Apuri isn’t the only mouse bungee on the market. The CM Storm Skorpion looks even more poised to attack whatever action figures you may have sitting around your gaming area, and it foregoes the USB Hub feature in favor of a cheaper price tag.

The Thermaltake Tt eSports Galeru is actually the cheapest of the bunch (at least right now), and feels decidedly less anthropomorphic without a set of legs.


Finally there’s the Razer Mouse Bungee (a shocking degree of restraint was shown in naming this thing). The Razer is by far the most minimalist of the four, but again, no USB ports.


There are other options out there, but these are the ones we came across from the usual suspects of peripheral manufacturers. I wasn’t clamoring for a solution to cable woes, and I doubt we’re going to run a C0-Op for mouse bungees like we did for gaming mice anytime soon, but now that the Apuri is on my desk, it’s sticking around.