Dell's Running Easily the Best Deals We've Seen On LG's 4K OLED TVs

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Update: The 65" deal from Dell is gone, but Amazon now has it for an all-time low $1,895, albeit without the gift card. They also have the 55" for $1,237, which depending on how much you want the $200 Dell gift card, might be a better deal.

If you love inky blacks and vibrant colors—and who doesn’t?—this 55" 2017 OLED LG TV is down to $1300 today from Dell (a match for the best price we’ve seen), or an all-time low $1900 for 65". Plus, you’ll get a $200 or $300 eGift card respectively, which can be used on anything from within $90 days, making these easily the best deals we’ve seen.

As you’d expect from any high-end TV these days, that gets you a 4K panel and Dolby Vision HDR, but OLED technology means the blacks will be far richer, and the colors more vibrant than any LCD-based screen you can buy. Whichever size you choose, it’ll still cost you, but your eyes will tell you it was worth it.

Just make sure you see the eGift card offer on the product page before you buy, in case they remove it later.