ComiXology Offers You Cut-Rate Entry to the World of Bond, James Bond

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Dynamite James Bond Sale | ComiXology

Since Diamond has suspended distribution of new comics and the industry is all but at a crawl now we turn to our friends at ComiXology. And as COVID has claimed another franchise causing the delay of No Time To Die. But with time and sales come opportunity. (You can also catch up on all those movies.)

Catch up on all of Dynamite’s James Bond lore now before the film’s release. The current run is written by Vita Ayala and Danny Lore is a real treat for fans young and old. The beautiful art is by Eric Gapstur and Erica D’Urso. Issues #5 and #6 are due next month so plenty of time to dive into this series.

I will personally recommend the Case Files volume which is 50% and all about how badass Moneypenny is.

With some issues as low as 99 cents have your personal Quartermaster fire up the Kindle and get these downloaded today.