Coalatree's New Windbreaker Is a Self-Healing Marvel

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Coalatree makes some of our favorite trail pants, and last year introduced a hoodie made from used coffee grounds that was somehow incredibly soft and comfortable. But their latest project is one of the most mind-blowing pieces of clothing we’ve ever tried on.

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Graphic: Kickstarter

The Whistler windbreaker is a thin windbreaker that, frankly, doesn’t seem like anything too special at first glance. Sure, its nylon-like shell is a little softer to the touch than most, and its DWR coating will keep some light rain off. And okay, it can pack into its own front pocket, and you’ll certainly be happy to wear it on a windy day. But it’s just a nice windbreaker, nothing more.

That is, until you snag it on a tree branch or the thorns of a bush.

If you puncture the Whistler, you can just...rub your finger over the hole...and it’ll patch itself in seconds. Literally, that’s all you have to do. I tried it myself, and it really did work as well as advertised on a small nail hole. It works because of a material that Coalatree is calling HiloTech, which is comprised of microscopic nylon fibers that can adhere to each other to form permanent bonds just by applying a little bit of heat and friction.

Gif: Kickstarter

Admittedly, I didn’t have any luck on a small linear cut that I made with some scissors, so it’s not like HiloTech will heal major damage. Think Spider-Man, more than Wolverine. But you’re less likely to encounter serious rips than you are small punctures while wearing this thing around town or on the trail, and you could always patch it just like any other piece of clothing.

The Whistler just went up on Kickstarter at a price of $72 for earlybirds, down from the expected MSRP of $129, with shipping expected in March 2020.