Co-op: What Are the Best Video Games That Make You Cry?

Sometimes you need a good cry and video games are here to help.

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Graphic: Joe Tilleli

Video games are great for mindless running around, jumping on platforms, and shooting a guy. Always have been and always will be. Though as the medium has grown and evolved, it’s become more and more of an avenue to tell rich stories filled with characters and narratives you grow attached to. So much so, you may even find yourself crying when shit goes sideways for them or when you just find yourself in a beautiful heartwarming story that just crushes you.

The most recent example for me has been an indie title released this past year—Before Your Eyes. This short 2-hour game has you experiencing the central character’s memories in first-person. You interact with the story using your webcam where every time you blink, it skips to the next memory bringing a quite literal definition to the phrase “blink and you miss it.” As you learn more about this character’s life, it builds up your attachment to his story leading to an absolutely devastating climax where it will be hard to keep your eyes open because you have tears running down your cheeks.

What’s the last game that broke your heart and left you crying with controller in hand? Whether it’s old or new, long or short, AAA or indie, let us know.


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