Clean Your Heinie the Right Way With a Toto Washlet

Treat yourself to a combination bidet and heated toilet seat.

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Toto Washlet Electronic Bidet & Toilet Seat | $432 | Amazon

I’ve got a bit of a controversial opinion I think I can win you over on. Toilet paper is a terrible way to clean yourself after making poo poo—at least on its own. I was a bidet hater not long ago, but once I had it explained to me like this, it changed my outlook forever ... If you were to accidentally get shit on your hands, would you just wipe off what you can with a paper towel or would you wash your hands? You’d wash them because it’d be disgusting not to! The same premise applies here so why do we treat our bottoms any differently? Switch to a bidet. You’ll also save tremendously on toilet paper as you’ll be using it mostly to just dry yourself off. Not only is it a bidet, but it has a heated toilet seat for extra comfort while doing your business a warm air dryer for the finishing touch, and a deodorizer to eliminate embarrassing odors. Now do your butt a favor and get it squeaky clean.

This story was originally published by Joe Tilleli on 01/05/2023 and updated with new information on 01/11/2023.