Chef-Prepared Meals At 50% Off From Factor Keep You Healthy On The Go

Being busy doesn’t stop you from eating healthy, whole meals with Factor.

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Factor ready-made meals into your routine.
Factor ready-made meals into your routine.
Graphic: Riley Blackwell

Many months go by through the year when it’s just easier to get ready-made meals, and often meal planning for the week is too much to tackle for the busy bees in our lives. That’s where Factor comes in with chef-crafted, fresh meals delivered right to your door. Factor is offering 50% off your first box and 20% off the next 4 boxes with code LINK50, which means you can get your first 10 meals for only $63 plus shipping.

Factor Meal Kit | 50% Off First Box + 20% off next 4 boxes | Factor | PROMO CODE [LINK50]

Factor meals come with no commitment so it’s up to you to choose what fits your lifestyle best. You get to choose from over 30 dietitian-designed options with no prep, ready to go in minutes. Along with their extensive meal kit offerings, they have juices, energy bites, and deserts to carry you over between meals too! Proper nutrition is necessary for anyone on the move or working long hours at a desk, especially during demanding tasks that burn hundreds of calories. These meals will help keep you going.