Check In at the Ranger Station for your New Candles

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You’re going to want a subscription.

Ranger Station pours handmade, natural soy, double-wick candles in Nashville, Tennessee. As a bonus, the candles’ glasses were chosen to dovetail well into alcohol consumption after the burning is done.

To keep the wick trimmed, these are the best-smelling candles we’ve tested, and the most potent. You really don’t even need to light them to change the entire smell of a room. I tested Oakmoss and Leather+Pine, and loved them both.

Surprisingly, a limited selection of Ranger Station candles are available on Amazon. They’re $45 there with Prime Shipping, vs. $36 on Ranger’s site with $5 shipping on orders over $75. Factor in the 5% back on your Amazon Store Card or Amazon Visa and it’s almost a wash.


More interesting are Ranger Station’s subscription options, where you can choose your delivery frequency and scents for $32/candle. It’s a great idea or gift idea that would be even better if subscriptions included free delivery.