Celebrate Fall Early With Cariuma's Suede Sneakers

Cariuma produces thoughtfully made shoes with cool comfort.

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Suede Sneakers | $98 | Cariuma
Suede Sneakers | $98 | Cariuma
Image: Cariuma

Suede Sneakers | $98 | Cariuma

Cariuma is a company definitely making waves in the sustainability space. They’re dedicated to fighting against wasteful practices that are rampant in the fashion industry. David and Fernando, the founders, wanted to bring all that to the sneaker game to create thoughtfully made shoes with cool comfort. In celebration of fall and chilly weather, the company is launching its new suede sneakers.

Pick eight colors in the OCA Low style. Each pair will be made exclusively on-demand to reduce waste. I have a pair of Cariuma shoes and can say the bamboo knit is breathable and durable, the vegan foam insole is comfy, and the recycled laces are still holding up almost two years later.

This company is so Earth-friendly, ten trees have been planted per pair of shoes they’ve sold.

If you purchase today, expect to have them ship on October 26.