Celebrate 4/20 All Spring Long With a CBD Gummy and Tincture Bundle That Actually Tastes Good For $64

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Rando CBD Tincture + Gummy Bundle | $64 | Sunday Scaries | Use code 420
Rando CBD Tincture + Gummy Bundle | $64 | Sunday Scaries | Use code 420
Graphic: Elizabeth Lanier

Rando CBD Tincture + Gummy Bundle | $64 | Sunday Scaries | Use code 420

Whether you’re a bit curious about CBD or a regular user, we’ve got the perfect bundle for everyone on sale today!

The Rando bundle from our stoney baloney friends over at Sunday Scaries is absolutely divine—and they are giving you 30% off with code 420 in celebration of their favorite holiday!

Rando bundle includes Vegan AF CBD gummies for animal-loving folks who love to chill, and regular CBD gummies and tincture too. Each of the gummies has 10mg of CBD to help ease anxiety and stress and help you better focus, relax, let go of the small stuff, and, as Sunday Scaries puts it, “Make sure you’re covered for whatever bullsh*t life throws at you.”

I think we’ve talked a lot about how delicious the gummies are from Sunday Scaries— the regular kind and the sour Vegan ones in the Rando bundle are both pretty yummy and have you feeling mellowed out within I’d say a half-hour or so of consuming one or two of them. You should try different amounts to see what works for you, and I recommend trying at different times of day as well.

I want to give a shout-out to the tincture included in the Rando bundle though, in particular, because somehow Sunday Scaries has made a CBD tincture that actually tastes pretty good by itself. As one of the reviews puts it, this is one of the few CBD tinctures that doesn’t taste kind of like dirt. You can add Sunday Scaries tincture to your coffee or tea or any drink I suppose— it’s a bit sweet, and might need to be stirred a bit because I found it wants to settle on top of your drink a bit. But honestly— I think it’s tasty enough to just drop 1/3 of a dropper or so on your tongue and carry on with your day. That’s how much I have in the morning before my coffee and writing time, and I find it helps me start on the task of writing rather than wasting time anxiously re-checking emails or other tasks that might distract me. It also works great as a little after class or after work pick-me-up to relax in the evening! Some also use CBD for sleep. It does not make you high or cause a hangover or anything like that, so this CBD bundle should not scare off those new to CBD!

Just because it’s not 4/20 anymore technically doesn’t mean you shouldn’t treat yourself to a great deal! Normally $92, you can get all of these CBD products for just $64 (just don’t forget to add code ‘420' at checkout) and have yourself covered for a while. And don’t let the name fool you: Sunday Scaries gummies and tincture tastes delicious every day of the week.