Catch 'Em All With The Poké Ball Plus, Now Cheaper Than Ever

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Nintendo Poké Ball Plus | $42 | Amazon
Nintendo Poké Ball Plus | $42 | Amazon
Photo: Amazon

For better or worse, Nintendo’s Poké Ball Plus is one of the most Nintendo gadgets ever made, and it’s never been cheaper than it is today.

The ball actually has a joystick that lets you use it as a controller for Pokémon Let’s Go, and yes, it works with motion controls to liven up the experience of catching a wild Pokémon (just please don’t actually throw it). Once your Pokémon is inside, you can give the ball a shake to hear it speak, and you can even gather EXP for your Pokémon just by walking around with the ball.

While you’re away from your Switch, you can also connect the Poké Ball Plus to your Pokémon Go account, and the ball will light up and vibrate when you’re near a Poké Stop or a Pokémon.

Is any of this necessary? Of course not. But it’d be a great gift to the Pokémon superfan in your life, even if that superfan is you.