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I Finally Got a Good Night’s Rest With Caliper CBD


Caliper CBD Dissolvable Powder | $45 | Caliper CBD
Caliper CBD Swiftsticks | $45 | Caliper CBD


Earlier in the year, I decided to try CBD to help with my sleep. While I’ve always had issues staying asleep, the general pandemic stress kicked those issues into high-gear. Melatonin started being ineffective, causing me to be groggy during the day and not helping me sleep at night. Cutting caffeine didn’t help, and sleeping pills are never a path I’m comfortable going down.

So, when I saw some CBD gummies on sale, I decided to give them a try! I mean, who doesn’t love gummies, after all? They worked well, but they were also costly, with 20 gummies being around $40. Each gummy is only 10mg too, so it may not be enough based on individual tolerance levels.

It sort of sucked! I don’t use CBD to sleep every day, but that’s still a high price for only a few doses. Thankfully, Caliper has found a way to keep their prices down with their CBD powders.

At their standard price, 30 doses are $45 if you subscribe or $50 if you’re not planning on using the powders every day. You can pick up either the flavored powders you take directly or use flavorless ones advertised to mix in with drinks and foods.

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Well, I’ve had my fair share of powders that say they’re flavorless and blend in with drinks seamlessly but instead leave a nasty aftertaste in my mouth. So when Caliper offered to let us try their CBD powders for review, I knew I had to give them a try.

So one night, I took one of the flavorless Caliper packs and mixed it into my Crystal Light (what? They’re tasty). I could taste a very, very slight bitter aftertaste from the CBD powder, but it was by no means overwhelming.

It’s also worth noting, though, that my drink is usually about 20 ounces, which is a fairly standard size. If you have a small drink, the aftertaste is going to be more apparent. But, even with a relatively concentrated mug of coffee or tea, the aftertaste is not going to overpower the drink itself, so you’ll be good to go! I also felt as though the powder’s effects hit me faster than the gummies did, or even taking the powder directly. For me, that made sense—melatonin drinks were consistently more effective than pills or gummies, so putting the powder in a drink and drinking it worked magnificently. I can’t begin to explain the science behind that, but hey, it works, and I like it.


Not only did Caliper send over their standard flavorless packs, but samples of their Swiftsticks—small flavored powder packets you apply directly to your tongue. They come in three flavors: Lemon Lime, Cool Mint, and Mixed Berry. They taste surprisingly good! I was going in expecting something that vaguely tasted like what I’d expect then be overwhelmed with some awful aftertaste.

But that wasn’t the case with the Swiftsticks. I could distinctly taste the flavors Caliper was going for, and while it does give away to a bit of bitterness from the powder, it’s not nearly as bad as I was expecting.

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Image: Ignacia Fulcher

Out of the three flavors, I know I enjoyed Lemon-Lime the most, but none of them are bad. The Mint has that freshness you’d expect from the flavor, but since I’m using these powders at night, it’s not really what I’m looking for. And Mixed Berries… well, it tastes like berries. Not too much else to say there!

Of course, if you’re not looking to ingest the powder directly, you can always go with the flavorless packs. Then you can have whatever flavor you want!


As for their effectiveness, I can say they’re definitely doing their job. Caliper claims that each powder packet has 20mg of CBD and acts faster than CBD oil. I can’t say if any of this is true or not, but what I can tell you is that I have been sleeping, y’all.

It’s truly been glorious. The Caliper powder doesn’t actually make me tired—it just calms me down at night. Then, when I’m naturally tired, I just lay down and… go to sleep. I know that doesn’t sound like much, but my body doesn’t do that, normally. Going to bed generally means lying in bed and staring at the ceiling for half an hour. With the CBD, I’m able to go to sleep relatively quickly.

I also get way more deep sleep. While the CBD powder doesn’t fix it completely, I (and my health tracker) agree that even if I still wake up, my quality of sleep is better than before.


This is all to say that I use CBD for a reason, and Caliper’s powder does it really well. I don’t have anything I can add about how CBD helps with pain relief or depression—I don’t have a metric to measure that by. What I do know, though, is that how your body reacts to CBD is going to be specific to you. For me, it helps me get some quality sleep. For others, it may relieve aches and pains that make it difficult to function. For others still, it may do nothing except in a higher dosage.

But if you want to give CBD a try, Caliper’s powders are one of the best ways to do it. The powder is cheaper than many other CBD options on the market, and overall easier to ingest too. I’m going to pick up more from them, at least!