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Buy Committee: Are There Outdoor Cameras That Can Take This Heat?

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Photo: Michael Aleo (Unsplash)
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Buy Committee, reader GreenLED needs your help.

I desperately want an outdoor camera, but can’t believe that nobody makes any with adequate heat tolerance.

Reviews on Ring doorbells and every other brand of camera constantly mention heat issues, and these aren’t even from users here in the hottest desert locations in the US. This Blink camera has a max operating temp of 113˚ which means even totally shaded and well-ventilated it’s not rated for about 20 days here so far this year... let alone trying to mount it with a good view (where it might be in the sun part of the day) or on a patio (my outdoor thermometer regularly registers in the upper 120s even with it in the shaded part of my back patio area).


So, Buy Committee (that’s you), scroll down to the comments to share your experiences with your outdoor security camera. Help GreenLED find a camera that can stand the heat.

This may be the toughest Buy Committee question we’ve encountered yet. Most consumer-level cameras (thanks in part to their plastic builds and built-in batteries) are unable to perform under such circumstances. For instance, the Nest Cam is only rated for 104 degrees and the Arlo tops out at 122 degrees. Suffice it to say, you’re unlikely to find something on Amazon can perform beyond that.

And if you go with a specialty camera, you’ll lose out on the smart features that you’d want from a Wi-Fi security camera nowadays. I am stumped, but hopefully our readers can help.

Of course, we’re looking to help you decide on more purchases. So, if you’re still agonizing over something, email with the subject line “Buy Committee” or tweet us at @ItsTheInventory.