Bring the Elegance Absolutely Nobody Was Asking for To Your Next Beer Pong Game for $17

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Hammer + Axe Wooden Beer Pong Set | $17 | Amazon 
Hammer + Axe Wooden Beer Pong Set | $17 | Amazon 
Graphic: Elizabeth Lanier

Hammer + Axe Wooden Beer Pong Set | $17 | Amazon 

I don’t know who exactly this very refined-looking beer pong set was made for, but I have to say: It looks pretty sleek compared to the more familiar red solo cup version of the game. And there is obviously some audience for it since it’s currently Amazon’s number one new release in drinking games.

The Hammer + Axe wooden beer pong set includes a sleek wooden tabletop, 25 cups, two balls, and a bag to store it all in for $17.

Of course, with many of us staying at home this winter due to the pandemic and avoiding the kind of large gatherings beer pong is intended for, maybe it’s better to just challenge someone in your household like a partner or roommate to a one-on-one game of basketball. Loser has to take a shot (or two, or three). The price on this one isn’t quite as nice. But just look how cute it is.

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