Both Incredible Philips OneBlades Are On Sale Today

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Update: A few hours after we published this, the OneBlade got even cheaper, now down to an all-time low $24!

The Philips OneBlade is the electric shaver of choice for pretty much every man on our staff (and tens of thousands of our readers as well), and both the original and the upgraded Pro model are on sale right now.

The OneBlades are notable for their simplicity, versatility, and performance. They work as razors or beard trimmers, you can use them with or without shaving cream, they’re waterproof enough to go into the shower, and they cut through stubble like a hot knife through butter.

Some people balk at the replacement blade cost (a set of two is about $25), but they’re rated to last at least four months each, and I’ve been using mine about three times per week for about seven months now, without issue.

The original model is great, but the Pro has more stubble length settings (three combs vs. a single comb with 14 options), and a battery that lasts longer and charges faster. Honestly, I’d probably buy the original for $30 (about $5 less than usual), but the $70 Pro (down from $80) is a bargain as well.