Become the Princess You Deserve to Be by Turning This Children’s Castle Tent Into Your Home Office

This FoxPrint Princess Castle Play Tent is only $23 at Amazon.

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FoxPrint Princess Castle Play Tent | $21 | Amazon
FoxPrint Princess Castle Play Tent | $21 | Amazon
Graphic: Joe Tilleli

FoxPrint Princess Castle Play Tent | $23 | Amazon

You ever have dreams of being a princess when you were little, but then grew up instead to be an actuary? Happens more than you think. Well now you can live your best princess life while still estimating financial risks and returns for your clients. Just get this FoxPrint Princess Castle Play Tent for $23 and set it up in the corner of your apartment. Now, you may be thinking this is too small. That this is a toy meant for children. While, yes, this is true, it’s surprisingly larger than you’d expect. Like, it’s roughly 3.5 ft in diameter and reaches to almost 4.5 ft tall. You could probably get away with sitting crisscross applesauce, computer on your lap with a small pillow behind you for lumbar support. You may not be able to feel a pea under that pillow, but you will feel your feet go numb for sitting like that 8 hours a day. Hey, that’s just part of being a princess who works from home. Also, it’s spring now, so you can basically enjoy working outside, too.

This deal was originally published by Joe Tilleli on 9/20/21 and updated by Sophy Ziss with new information on 5/16/22.