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Powerbeats Pro Headphones: A Rookie's Review

I’ve never bought trendy headphones.

Hell, if we’re being honest, I didn’t even buy these––they were a holiday gift from my brother.

No, I’ve always been content to buy cheap headphones in bulk, leaving them tangled in pockets, strewn about tables, and always ready, wired, and frazzled for whatever commute came next.

No more. I’ve seen the way, and I can’t go back.

See, the Powerbeats Pro Headphones are life-changing. Not in the sense of an overblown promise, but in a small, noticed and real difference in how my before-and-after has been.


Powerbeats Pro Headphones are wireless headphones that fit in-and-over the ear. That makes them a bit more snug and sturdy than Airpods, which pays off in a series of ways.

First, these headphones are made for active living. I’m able to wear these in the gym and do a full workout, including running. Other headphones fall out of my ear, or get interrupted by sweat and wires.

Not these.

My Powerbeats Pro Headphones simply operate as extensions of your ear. They fit in the canal and have a gentle, flexible plastic hold that keeps them in place without adding any pressure. That means you act fairly unconscious of them, talking calls and living your general life with music-in-ear.

Now, does this make you look insufferable? Only a little. One of the upsides of the Powerbeats Pro Headphones is that, unlike Airpods, they’re designed as hardware more than status-symbols. I wear a deep blue color that feels oddly warm, versus the stark-white of Airpods.


As far as the sound goes, they’re pretty good. As always, they’re a bit bass-heavy, but if your musical taste leans in that direction anyway, the fidelity remains high with noise cancellation serving as an additional feature.

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Lastly, as a luddite, the technological aspect was surprisingly intuitive. Beats by Dre and Apple are easy-to-sync, and the charging features adapt easily for a stress-free transfer.


You can take calls on crowded streets, listen to soft podcasts as you go to bed, and can otherwise live an active, musical life without wires.

I understand that the price-point can be a bit intimidating. After all, these are a not-insignificant $250.

That may not be in your budget. But if it is––if you listen to music and podcasts, take commutes and trips to the gym, and would like a cybernetic audio upgrade for the next few years?


These may be for you.

If you’re on the edge, take the plunge and get these superior, gentle, and powerful in-ear headphones.

Hasn’t Dr. Dre given us enough?

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