ASKET Is All About Better Clothes for Your Closet — And Fewer for Landfills

Great-looking clothes with long lifespans and completely transparent origins? It's actually possible, right now.

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Ethically sourced, fashion-forward clothes that look great for men and women and last forever is ASKET’s hook.
Ethically sourced, fashion-forward clothes that look great for men and women and last forever is ASKET’s hook.
Graphic: Mike Fazioli

Taking a toll on the planet is the last thing people tend to think of when they’re trying to keep their fashion game on point. But the clothing industry has a massive ecological footprint, made worse by the incredibly short lifespan we inflict on most pieces of apparel.

ASKET is tackling that issue head-on. The clothing line, which specializes in basic staples that look and feel great, was founded in 2015 with the goal of creating sustainable clothing that can be traced back to its source with complete transparency, and keeping it out of landfills. If and when something breaks, ASKET will be there to repair it. And when you’re done with it, they’ll buy it back from you and give it a whole new life.

ASKET’s men’s and women’s clothing are all made with the best farm-to-factory natural materials, an innovative extended-size system, and in accordance with the company’s basic philosophy of “the Pursuit of Less:” smaller wardrobes, made from responsible and transparent supply chains, made to last longer, and made to be reused after your time with them is done. ASKET’s Full Traceability Standard earned an Honorable Mention in Fast Company’s 2020 World Changing Idea Awards.

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You are not going to find temporary season-based segments in ASKET’s Men’s Permanent Collection. It began in 2015 with the most basic men’s staple — the t-shirt — and has expanded very slowly, with a few new essential pieces per year. The key is the word “permanent” — these are items men can buy to build a small core group of essential clothes that are intended to last for as long as possible. The items you see now, from linen shirts to cashmere sweaters, are the ones you’ll find on ASKET year-round as you build your permanent wardrobe.



ASKET entered the ultra-competitive women’s market in 2021 with its Women’s Permanent Collection. As with the Men’s Permanent Collection, it started small and basic — six essential items — and has been slowly cultivated since. Unlike so many other women’s lines, which are a fast-rotating assembly line of “new” items which kick the “old” ones to the sales and clearance racks before vanishing altogether, these are created in line with ASKET’s belief in a small wardrobe of fashionable but durable basics.

Brand Mission

The mission is simple, yet so revolutionary in the fashion world that it’s nearly unheard of: Buy less, not more; buy for permanence, not the latest whims; no sales or other retail gimmicks; and reuse over trash. ASKET’s extended-size system is more forgiving and more inclusive of all body types, and ASKET has completely bypassed wholesale distribution and steered clear of sales and other retail gimmicks so it can bring real clothes from real sources — farm to factory, sourced from responsible mills and manufacturers — to real people, directly and at fair prices.


Clothing Lifecycle Expectancy

This isn’t something you expect to find from clothing companies for one reason — the sooner something wears out, the sooner you need to come back to them to buy a replacement. ASKET instead encourages proper garment care, offering detailed guides on how to make your ASKET clothing last for as long as possible. And if something does go wrong, ASKET’s repair program offers spare parts and detailed instructions on how you can repair it yourself or bring it to a tailor to be fixed. (There are in-store repairs as well, but both of ASKET’s retail stores are located in Stockholm, Sweden.) And ASKET’s Revival Program may be one of the only such efforts in the business — the company encourages you to register your items, and when it’s time for them to go — for whatever reason — you send them back to ASKET and receive up to $25 per garment, allowing ASKET to resell, remanufacture, or recycle your garments and keep them out of the incinerators and landfills.

If you’re looking to look and feel great while taking a stand against rampant consumerism and waste, check out ASKET now.


This story was originally published by Mike Fazioli on 7/24/2023 and updated with new information on 8/9/23 by Riley Blackwell.