Make Your Own Healthier Pop with 44% Off the SodaStream Sparkling Water Maker

Enjoy your favorite bubbly drinks whenever you want at a steep discount.

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SodaStream was the dream of the 90s.
SodaStream was the dream of the 90s.
Image: Jason Coles

Love to drink bubbly, fizzy sodas? Hate paying nearly $10 for a 12-pack? Us too. Stop throwing away money and grab the SodaStream E-TERRA Sparkling Water Maker for just $90. That’s 44% off its usual price of $160, and it translates to tons of delicious beverages that you won’t have to spend all your extra money on. It’s small, easy to use, and compatible with loads of flavors, so you can make just about any drink you want. Plus, it has multiple carbonation settings too.

SodaStream E-TERRA Sparkling Water Maker | $90 | Amazon

Not only that, but this SodaStream E-TERRA Sparkling Water Maker even comes with a carbonating bottle too, meaning it has everything you could possibly need to set your tastebuds to tingle, your tongue to taste, and your soul to sizzle. All you need to worry about buying in the future are CO2 cartridges, flavors (if you choose), and an extra bottle if you want to always have a spare on hand. Otherwise, this kit has everything you need to get started.