Add Your Sprinklers To Your Smart Home Setup For $120

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Rachio 16 Zone Smart Irrigation Controller | $120 | Woot

Rachio brought home sprinkler systems into the smartphone age, and their 8-zone system is on sale for the best price ever today.

These irrigation controllers can automatically adjust watering schedules based on the weather, and if you want to keep tabs on it, its iOS and Android app will show you how much water you’re using (and saving), and allow you to make any adjustments necessary, no matter where you are in the world. They even work with Alexa, so you can water your lawn with nothing but your voice.

All of these smarts mean that the IRO can save you over 50% on your outdoor water use, so it should pay for itself over time. It’s also EPA WaterSense Certified, meaning your local water company might offer you a rebate for purchasing it. Today’s $120 price tag for the 16-zone model from Woot is $62 less than the current price on Amazon, and if you’re a Prime member, you’ll still get free shipping.