Get 30% off the Supplements That Stopped LeBron's Famous Leg Cramps

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30% off Sitewide | Ladder | Use Code BETTEREVERYDAY
30% off Sitewide | Ladder | Use Code BETTEREVERYDAY
Graphic: Sheilah Villari

30% off Sitewide | Ladder | Use Code BETTEREVERYDAY

Remember when LeBron got leg cramps in Game 1 of the 2014 NBA Finals and was carried out of the arena? That summer I demanded that I be LeBron’d out of any establishment. That sadly never happened but Ladder did. This is the product he and his trainer created to make sure that never happened again and it’s now 30% off with code BETTEREVERYDAY.

With the help of said trainer, Mike Mancias, over the next four years they worked with a team of nutritionists and wellness coaches to develop Ladder. The three things LeBron asked for in this supplement are taste, performance, and quality and be free of banned substances and contaminants.

I’d hit up any of the sample packs ($4-$7) to see which one is best for you then circle back and grab a bigger order. This sale also includes apparel and accessories, just in case you need a new shaker.

Free shipping on all orders and this deal will run until June 13.