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10 Last-Minute Valentine’s Day Gifts You Can Buy On Amazon

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Raise your hand if you’re a card-carrying member of the Last Minute Shopper’s Club. Here, I’ll go first. Can you see? I’m totally raising my hand. Go on, you’re among friends. Friends who believe we’re not lazy, we simply do our best gift-giving under pressure!


So listen, Valentine’s Day is going to be here in a hot sec—talk about a holiday under pressure, right?

But don’t fret, as per usual SG has you covered with last-minute gift ideas she’ll love.

From kitchenware to games, music and more—our team found 10 awesome, romantic, and not-at-all corny Valentine’s Day gift ideas from Amazon. (Okay one of them is really corny, but who cares!) Plus, all of them can be shipped for free in two days if you have Prime.

So get ready to swoop in and win big this Valentine’s Day; she’ll never know you almost forgot to get her something.

Le Creuset Set of 2 Stoneware Mugs, $30

If you two are just getting to that phase where you’re having sleepovers all the time and making coffee together in the morning, she’ll swoon over these red stoneware mugs from Le Creuset. You get the name-check benefits of giving her some “status kitchenware” and points for being adorable, too.

Nespresso VertuoPlus Coffee and Espresso Maker, ~$130

I’m a big fan of Nespresso coffee and also of gifts that feel like real “life upgrades.” The brand’s coffee and espresso is actually really good, and so easy to make. Plus, this adorable machine is red (on theme for V-Day!) and will look really good on her kitchen counter.


Silverman & Co 19-inch Backgammon set, $140

Team SG stans the idea of giving games as gifts, and backgammon is one of the best ones for couples. It involves luck and strategy, and each game only takes about 15 minutes, so you can easily knock off a few rounds over cocktail hour before you start making dinner together. (You guys are cute like that, we can tell!)


Bkr 32 oz glass-and-silicone water bottle, $48

Women who love their fitness classes (or who just love trendy things) will love this extremely good-looking water bottle from bkr. The bottle itself is glass, but protected and made more stylish thanks to a colorful silicone sleeve.


Herbivore Pink Clay Bar Soap, $15

Yes, this soap is pink. But beyond being cutely appropriate for the holiday, this Herbivore Botanicals bar helps remove impurities, leaving her skin feeling super soft and refreshed. And you know who benefits from that? Both of you! That’s right, soap is a sexy gift! Bet you didn’t see that coming.


Audio Technica Fully Automatic Bluetooth Wireless Turntable, $149

I love the idea of a couple starting a record collection together. Kick things off this Valentine’s Day with an affordable turntable that can easily be synched-up to any bluetooth speaker. For bonus points (and by that I mean you have to do it), include a record you can dance to the night you give it to her, like Leon Bridges’ Coming Home.


Joseph Joseph Nesting Mixing Bowls and Measuring Cups, $36

Listen, I’m not saying this is the most romantic gift out there, but if you live together, it actually...might be? “Marie Kondo” most of the junk in your kitchen cabinets and surprise her with this cute, colorful nine-piece set that takes up as much space as one bowl. An organized cabinet. That’s love.


Apple Airpods, $159

If your girl is a true queen, get her the 2019 version of a crown, aka a set of AirPods. She’ll feel bougie as hell and you’ll probably have to help her find them when they inevitably disappear a few times a week. (Check her coat pocket, FYI.)


Mike’s Hot Honey, $10

She’s hot… And you sometimes call her “honey?” Yes, this early-in-the-game gift is extremely on-the-nose and adorable and please go for it! Especially if your name is Mike! It’s okay, I’ll see myself out.



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