Your New Favorite Down Alternative: Bison

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Winter jackets have been getting incrementally better forever, especially in the last several years, but United By Blue’s Bison Sport Jacket is a different... animal entirely.

Yes, it really is bison fiber in there. The United By Blue Bison Sport Jacket is crazy warm, and equally as important, feature packed:

  • Waterproof
  • Moisture wicking, temperature regulating, antimicrobial
  • Tons of pockets including on the sleeve
  • Built-in microfiber cloth for lens cleaning in one of the chest pockets
  • Removable hood with fabric to hide the unused hood hardware
  • Ribbed cuffs on sleeves
  • Headphone passthrough loops

This jacket is an interesting... beast, straddling a line of classic and technical that’s hard to pin down. It’s got modern touches and of course an all-new type of fill, but it’s not packable, ultralight, or particularly flexible, and I’d describe the fit as straight, even with the drawcord at the hem cinched.


The Bison Sport reads like an expedition jacket, and feels more like the ultimate luxury parka than the next evolution of puffy jackets. It’s not something I’d be likely to wear to the office, but I’d be also be likely to go with something more packable for a short cold trip. The Bison Sport is the jacket I want my picture taken in on the Antarctica adventure I take in the next couple years.


Our favorite piece in the United By Blue bison herd is the (more) humble Snap Jacket. A perfect stand-in for a blazer during the winter, a more stylish and warmer version of our much-loved Everlane Puffer Shirt, and the best-looking thing you’ll ever wear around a campfire, the Snap Jacket is a master of all trades.

While it’s not light, the Snap Jacket’s bulk-to-warmth ratio is really impressive, especially when snapped up. The charcoal and red colorways are both great, and the Oxford-cut hem really brings it all together. It’s also moisture wicking, temperature regulating, and antimicrobial. It wears and reads well everywhere.