Your Mornings Won't Totally Suck With a $77 Mr. Coffee Espresso Shot Maker

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Mr. Coffee Automatic Espresso Shot Maker | $77 | Amazon

Forget beer pong. A good game of caffeine pong in the morning is where it’s at, and we don’t even need the table or balls. Just throw a couple of glasses under the nozzle of this Mr. Coffee espresso shot maker and knock them back liberally. This dual shot system is down to $77 on Amazon.

It lets you pour two cups at once, each feeding from the same nozzle that also has a milk frother to get that ever-so-important top layer looking nice and creamy. It features a removable water tank, heating for both the water and milk, and an electric pump capable of 15 bars of pressure, which is the sweet spot to pull just as much flavor out of your beans as possible.