Your Pick For Best Travel Pillow Is the Cabeau Evolution

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Our readers offered up plenty of strong opinions, and at least a dash of snark, in our hunt to find the best travel pillow, but at the end of the day, Cabeau’s Evolution memory foam pillow took home the title with more than double the recommendations of any other option.

Here’s what you had to say:

I travel between the US and Europe at least once a month for work. I used to use one of those bean-filled u-shaped pillows (replacing it every few months as it lost volume), but lost one en route a couple of years ago and ended up buying a Cabeau Evolution at LAX, cursing myself at the time for spending $40 on a measly travel pillow.

It’s worth every penny. Being able to tighten the neck cord keeps my head upright and stops it from lolling, it packs down to nothing (although I have lost the little bag it came in), it’s soft and comfortable yet still firm and able to hold its shape, and I sometimes use it in hotels as well if the pillow is not firm enough. If I’m in Premium or Economy it’s a godsend; if you have one I also recommend jamming the tiny and pathetic airline pillow down the side you usually sleep on in a bed, next to your neck and ear, for a particularly good rest. - pobble

Yep. I travel a ton for work as well and this thing is a life saver. I also used it for a few nights at a hospital, sleeping in a regular old reception area chair like a goddamn boss. - HSLilAce


The big caveat here is that the Cabeau is fairly expensive at $40, so if you can’t swing that, check out the microbead-based Total Pillow, which only costs half as much.