Your Favorite Slow Cooker Is Instant Pot - Which Is Also a Pressure Cooker

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Having had some time to stew it over, it seems that our readers’ favorite slow cooker isn’t actually a slow cooker at all: It’s the Instant Pot pressure cooker.

Instant Pot. Hands down. Ever since we got this thing our slow cooker has been obsolete. - NaokiGraphics

Seconded. It serves as a slow cooker, sure, but you’ll never use it because you can just pressure cook your dinner in minutes, and leave it to keep warm all day (or just do it when you get home from work). - Allora


To be clear, Instant Pots have a mode that allow them to be used like any other programmable slow cooker, but since they’re pressure cookers by trade, they can also cook meats, rice, and even yogurt extremely quickly. You should probably own a pressure cooker regardless, so using it as your slow cooker is a great way to save some cabinet space.

That being said, if you really just want a dedicated slow cooker, the Hamilton Beach Set & Forget also received a lot of support. I happen to own it myself, and I’ll vouch for it.