Your Picks For Best Affordable Vacuum: RIGID Wet/Dry and Shark Navigator

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In the hunt for best affordable vacuum, two options sucked up almost all of the support in the nomination round, but they’re different enough that we feel we can recommend both.

First up, the Shark Navigator Lift-Away was far and away the most popular upright vacuum for standard, everyday household cleaning. Here’s what you had to say:

I bought this on [The Sweethome’s] recommendation, and it’s been a great little apartment vacuum. Easy to use, wildly portable, and it cleans just fine. My only problem with it is that it doesn’t have on-board storage for all the attachments, so the crevice tool just sits in my closet leaning against the wall. - palmofnapalm

I’ll vote Shark too. I clean houses for a living. I have two of this very model. One of my jobs also has a Dyson Ball I can use. I use the Shark. The suction on the Shark is just as good. The tools ate easier to use. The Dyson is less maneuverable and it (the Dyson) weighs a ton. - Doug


Changing gears, the RIGID VAC1200 Wet Dry Vacuum proved nearly as popular. It’s obviously designed for cleaning up liquids, garage floors, and outdoor spaces, but you certainly could use it as a regular indoor vacuum, and it seems that many of you do just that.

I’ve had a similar model Ridgid shop vac for probably 8 years now and it is just a champ. I use it in the garage mostly and in the basement. I used it to clean up sawdust from when I resurfaced my wood floors, to vacuuming cars, sucking up water near a basement drain that backed up, various construction projects, it is damn near indestructible. Wish I had gotten a larger model with a bigger bin and a larger diameter hose, but other than that I love it. Doesn’t work on carpet however since you would need a power brush roller for that. - Shawn Wayne

My roommates and I bought one of these senior year of college. I can’t imagine any other vacuum being able to handle a house of 10 college senior guys. That vacuum was fed a steady diet of broken glass, cave crickets, stink bugs, Chipotle rice, and spilled beer and it didn’t once complain.

I just text my buddy who kept it and its working perfectly 6 years later(OH GOD HAS IT BEEN 6 YEARS ALREADY). - bikeburner12