ADAY infuses activewear tech into everyday, easy fashion. I checked out the Brakes On high-waisted leggings and the Like a Boss sweatshirt and they both made my (A)day. Sorry.

The sweatshirt, which is made from a SCUBA-like material, is so incredibly comfortable and breathable. Usually, I immediately take off whatever I’m wearing and change into something more comfortable when I get home from the office, but that thought didn’t even cross my mind.


The leggings didn’t end up with the waistband rolling down and I didn’t get stuck with those weird fabric markings along my calves, which are the usual afflictions with leggings. They let my legs breathe without feeling skimpy. Plus, I could totally get away with wearing them on a plane.

Even better, there’s a small pocket on the side of all of ADAY’s leggings. The fatal flaw of a lot of women’s workout gear (and women’s clothing in general) is its pocket-less persuasion. A pocket in leggings designed to fit a phone or iPod almost feels magical.

Each piece from ADAY has some additional benefit as well, whether it’s moisture-wicking fabric or UV protection built in. All of them are made with wrinkle-resistant fabrics and even repel oils or sun screen.


I did a full-body workout in both pieces to test them out and it didn’t feel gross to sit on the couch afterwards, which I definitely can’t say for the clothes I normally work out in. If I wanted to, I could’ve gone a full day wearing both without washing them, but I won’t. Or will I?